Mike is the Green Ranger. He is capable of driving the Bearzord and the BeetleZord, and also wielding the Forest Spear.


Although he may be a bit of a rebel, Mike always has a fun, cheerful, and free spirit. He has made a few mistakes while being a ranger, but he has learned his lessons. Mike loves to play video games, and he goes to the arcade every once in a while. He is serious about defeating the Nighlok, but he also envies Jayden.


Emily-Mike is starting to have a bond with Emily. It has been hinted in several episodes that they might have had crushes on each other.

Mentor Ji- Well, he is Mike's mentor, so Mike's got to respect him!

Kevin- These two have very different personalities, but they have learned to work together.

Mia- When it comes to her cooking, Mike hates it. Nothing else!

Jayden- Mike envies Jayden, and has kept on practicing to be better then him.

Lauren- Mike thinks that Lauren is a great leader, but will never take Jayden's place.

Samurai Ranger Forest, Green Ranger

Arsenal- Samuraizer

Zords- BearZord, BeetleZord

Modes- Samurai Mode, Super Samurai Mode, Mega Mode, Super Mega Mode, and Shark Attack Mode


A shogun ranger costume was designed for Mike, but went unused in the toyline and cut from the show.

His surname was never revealed.