Mia in ranger form

Mia Sadie Wantanabe is the Pink Samurai Ranger in Power Rangers Samurai. She is described as the "big sister" of the team, and is given the element of Sky to battle evil.

Biography EditEdit

Mia first appeared in The Team Unites, where she along with her fellow rangers fight off the nighlok Rofer. She is portrayed as the big sister of the group. She also was one of the first rangers to warm up to Antonio.

Pink Samurai Ranger EditEdit

Arsenal EditEdit

  • Samuraizer
  • Spin Sword
  • Sky Fan

Zords EditEdit

  • Turtle Folding Zord

Trivia EditEdit

  • Mia is the third Asian-American Pink Ranger after Cassie Chan (second Pink Turbo Ranger and Pink Space Ranger) and Rose Ortiz (Pink Overdrive Ranger).
  • The character on her helmet (天) is the kanji character for "heaven", but the writers for Power Rangers: Samurai decided to translate it to "sky."
  • Early scripts listed her name as "Sadie."
  • Mia is the fourth ranger with air power, and the second Pink Ranger with air power, preceeded by Damon Henderson, Shane Clarke, Vida Rocca (who was also a Pink Ranger).
  • Like her Sentai counterpart Mako, Mia has a big sister presence although her cooking is something left to be desired.
  • Spike Skullovitch has a crush on her, probably mirroring his dad's crush on Kimberly Ann Hart back in MMPR.
  • She said a swear word in the banned episode, Power Rangers, Assemble Power!.