Emily Hanaori
220px-Yellow Samurai Ranger

Full Name:

Emily Ava Hanaori

First Appearance:

The Team Unites

Last Appearance:

Portrayed by:

Brittany Pirtle

Emily Ava Hanaori es el samurai amarillo y esta enamora de


Her sister was supposed to be the Yellow Ranger but got very sick, so Emily took her place. She can beat Mike at sword practice while he can beat Jayden and Kevin, but is very clumsy outside of fighting. Emily tries to help, but it usually ends up with her on the floor. She is very caring, but is always putting herself down, calling herself clumsy and awkward. In the episode Sticks & Stones, Emily is able to overcome a Nighlock's power of being able to turn emotional pain into physical pain, since she is able to turn mean comments into "thin air" pretending they never said anything.


Human StateEdit

In her human state, Emily takes on the appearance of a teenage girl, wearing a yellow vest and a blue shirt under the vest and white pants. Emily has curly, golden hair.

Ranger FormEdit

Emily's ranger form is the yellow ranger, she gains a black samurai uniform and mask until a yellow jumpsuit covers the samurai uniform. The symbol they created with their Samuraizers then forms a helmet with the symbol as the view.


Mike- He is shown to care for Emily, getting mad at himself for making her upset, and trying to give her a great birthday party. When her spirit was stolen by the Nighlock SplitFace in the episode, "Team Spirit", Mike was determined to save her, no matter what. He and Mia were always by her side in when she was asleep during this episode, and when she fell back asleep, he ran back to the place SplitFace disappeared and yelled for him to come back and fight. When Deker said that you had to become a Nighlock to get to the NetherWorld to duel SplitFace and save Emily, Mike willingly volunteered. When Kevin tried to talk him out of it by saying they needed to save the world, Mike said that all he wanted to save right then was Emily. Some might say that Mike has romantic feelings for Emily.

Mia- Emily has always said that Mia was like a big sister to her, especially since her real sister, Serena, couldn't see her. When ever Emily needs her, Mia is at her side. She may be a horrible cook, but Emily is too nice to say so, she loves Mia too much.