Antonio is the gold ranger. He controls the element of light, wields the Baraculda Blade, and pilots the OctoZord and the Clawzord.


Antonio was a childhood friend of Jayden's. He practiced with Jayden when Mentor Ji wasn't looking. Before he left town, Jayden gave him the OctoZord. He told him that if he worked very hard, he would become a samurai one day. Antonio took the challenge.

Antonio made his debut in "Unexpected Arrival" and helped the rangers defeat Vulpes. The rangers (except Kevin) accepted him in "Room For One More" and Kevin accepted him in "The Blue And The Gold". Mentor Ji accepted Antonio in "The Rescue" when Antonio suprised him.


Antonio has a 'free' sprit like Mike. He is always cheerful and loves fishing. He also talks very fast.


Emily- Antonio dosen't have a crush on her, but still treats her well, as seen in "Team Sprit".

Mike- Antonio and him have similar personalities and are best buds!

Mia- Like the other rangers, he hates her cooking.

Kevin- Antonio and Kevin have very different personalities, but learned to get along with each other in "The Blue And The Gold".

Jayden- Antonio was Jayden's best friend starting from their childhood. And they still are!

Lauren- Antonio thinks that she will be a great leader, but she would never replace Jayden. And that is why he went after Jayden, saying that he wasn't a true samurai.

Mentor Ji- Antonio widely respects his mentor.

Samurai Ranger Light, Gold Ranger

Arsenal- Samurai Morpher, Baracuda Blade

Modes- Samurai Mode, Mega Mode

Zords- Octozord and Clawzord


Antonio cannot activate Super Mode, Super Mega Mode, or Shogun Mode as it is impossible for the Black Box to fit on his sword.

He has Super Mega Mode and Shogun Mode in the toyline, but the pictures on the boxes are just photoshop, as he never used these modes.

He is the first male singer in Power Rangers.